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For the Love of Cross

Portrait Fun

Wedding Day of Days

Cyclo Cross action from Local South East London and Sussex Leagues during the winter season with some Single Speed racing in the mix

Portraits , when cycling is not so important.  A bit of Portrait fun makes for some great results.

Wedding Day of Days. Some say there are 3 important things you do in life, pass your driving test, buy a house, and getting married.

Passion for Horses

Cycling Sport Photography

MTB Enduros

A collection of horse and rider photographs from recent commisions

CyclingSportPhotography.com where it all began. If you're into cycling sport then these are the galleries to see. From events around Kent, Surrey leagues grassroots cycling sport.

Enduro Cross Country Mountain Bike events, such as the PivotTwentyFour/12 and the Brighton BigDog

Digi Arty Edits


About Dave

Time too...


From Time to time I'll sit down and have a good old play with photoshop to see what I can do for a bit of fun with images . Click or tap this link -  Gallery  - to see all the collection.

My Name is Dave Hayward, and I Photograph for a livingBorn In Wales raised in the South East London, now living with my wife in Kent.

As a little project I have bought some Timex watches  to sell on Ebay UK. i'm also using them the perfect the art of product photography, to get a better understanding of controlling light that reflects from them. These are some sample images of the stock that is available.  -> click or tap this link  Watches By Timex  to view the collection. There is a link to Ebay if your interested in purchasing any of them,  Or just have a look...

Our Cat Pickle......


Printed images can be ordered direct from the galleries. Printed copies will take from 3 days on the order dated. Loxley Printing is dedicated printing lab producing top quality photographs.

Loxley Printing is based in the UK, delivery is quick.

Making a Purchase

Images can be bought direct from the galleries via a secure pay portal. 

Digital Downloads of Hi Res images to Low res images are emailed instantly on completion of payment, please check you junk mail if you think the download email has not been sent.

Download images are from £2.50 for personal licence usage.

Remember to check your Junk mail just incase if you have not received a message within 15 minutes .

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