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This is my quirky world of photography. From Sports cycling to weddings, portraits, and Fun.

My Name is Dave Hayward, and I am a Photographer...

If your a cyclist, which most viewers are who find my site, your on the right site, just click on the link to find your photos.

If your looking for a wedding photographer, you might be on the right site, Just click on the wedding menu link for more info.

If your passionate about photography you might be on the right site, just browse around for awhile, , get few ideas for your projects, you might be on the right site.

If your looking to sell me something unrelated, don't bother. 

Thats is as much  selling as i'll do. So many sites out there selling photography services saying how brilliant, and artistic, to the passion of photography, rightly so, there is some amazing talent out there, but thats not me.

Christmas Message with a photo


Digi Dave Hayward Photos

More details click/tap here Christmas Photo Greetings

Say Merry Christmas with a photo message to friends family, work colleagues, or event to customers & clients. This is not a new idea, you could probably do this with your mobile phone, and a text add then share it.

As you may have seen I  predominantly photograph cycle events, as i grew up with cycling, it is a sport I understand and did for many years.

When I stopped racing I renewed my enthusiasm with photography, naturally going to cycling events was easy for me. Now I photograph lots of different subjects as there is more to just chasing bike events. Being involved in competitive cycling gave me a good grounding for much of what I do in life. When you do a sport you learn so much about yourself, more so that that at school or at home, if it wasn't for cycling I think I'd be a bit of a lost sole now and not driving myself in this new career. 

I never had any aspirations  of being a photographer, let along a full time one, never even occurred to me that one day I would be running my own small business.Here I am doing just that. I've always worked hard in in the past, but I'll admit that over time I have struggled to keep the momentum going.

In the last 10 years since I started photographing I've found it very challenging, and rewarding  constantly learning, and improving, and I'm still very hungry to continue, that I've not felt in a very long time, since I stopped riding a bike, maybe because what I'm doing is so diverse, its fantastic!

The following images are direct  links to galleries if you don't want to browse. 

Click/tap the images to view the Gallerys

For the Love of Cross

Portrait Fun

Wedding Day of Days

Cyclo Cross action from Local South East London and Sussex Leagues during the winter season

Portraits , when cycling is not so important.  A bit of Portrait fun makes for some great results.

Wedding Day of Days. Some say there are 3 important things you do in life, pass your driving test, buy a house, and getting married.

Passion for Horses

All things Cycling

MTB Enduros

A collection of horse and rider photographs from recent commisions

Cycling Sport Photography where it all began. If you're into cycling sport then these are the galleries to see. From events around Kent, Surrey leagues grassroots cycling sport.

Enduro Cross Country Mountain Bike events, such as the PivotTwentyFour/12 and the Brighton BigDog

Rusty Nature

Rusty Nature

Bed Frames and Trees

From Time to time I'll sit down and have a good old play with photoshop to see what I can do without over doing the digital editing. Click or tap this lint Gallery to see all the collection.

Landscape images that could make some great wall art, click or tap this link  GALLERY to view more

Making Purchases


Images can be bought direct from the galleries via a secure pay portal. 

Digital Downloads of Hi Res images to Low res images are emailed instantly on completion of payment, please check you junk mail if you think the download email has not been sent.

Download images are from £2.50 for personal licence usage.

Remember to check your Junk mail just incase if you have not received a message within 15 minutes .

Printed images can be ordered direct from the galleries. Printed copies will take from 3 days on the order dated. Loxley Printing is dedicated printing lab producing top quality photographs.

Loxley Printing is based in the UK, delivery is quick.

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