Autumn Cross Autumn Mud - DaveHayward

November, Mid Autumn and for mud cyclocross, its a busy time of the season, events popping up all over the place building towards the National champs for 2017-2018. In Kent this year it seems more busy than normal as the South East sees a National Trophy Series event come to Gravesend CycloPark, the charity run cycling center. 2 years in the making to get this event south of the river, I believe its the first time in its history? Will start off from Leeds Castle with the London Cyclocross Association, or LCCA. Promoted by the Dulwich Paragon the event returns to Leeds Castle Venue just outside of Maidstone. Using scrubland behind the Castle away from the public area and great views from the castle. The Autumn colours from the surrounding trees set a lovely warm colour helped buy the low sun. It was an amazing turnout of riders and supports nearly felt like a Belgium Cross event.

Isaac Mundy winning the senior race at Leeds Castle LCCA

Penshurst, Sticky mud time

PORK - Penshurst Off Road Bike Park has undergone a bit of a transformation since I was last at the Venue. The land has been split and some of it sold off for what I believe might be a tarmac cycle park. Another project that seems to be taking time to develop. Meanwhile what is left of the original PORK is rebuilding trails and continuing to invite event promoters such as LCCA to do their races. The Views of the Kent countryside have been opened up with some tree removals making so good landscape shots and something to look at while your suffering. For the riders it was all down, then back up to the finish. With the National Trophy Series event on the next day, there were a few missing regular riders, saving their legs for Sunday.

Jonathan Denis wins the tough mens senior race at the PORK LCCA event

National Trophy Series at CycloPark

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