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As you may guess, or seem I predominantly photograph cycle events. Cycling has been part of my life for many years, maybe more than I can remember.

Since I was a teenager I rode a bicycle, it was a sport that I could do under my own efforts. I wasn't a natural sports person, but something about cycling just got me hooked, maybe it was a sense of freedom.

I pursued cycling for many years, lived, dreamed cycling, I learnt about myself more during that time than I did at school or at home. When I stopped racing I renewed my enthusiasm with photography, naturally going to cycling events was easy for me to photograph.

Now I photograph lots of different subjects, as there is more to just chasing bike events. Being involved in competitive cycling gave me a good grounding for much of what I do in life. When you do a sport you learn so much about yourself, more so than I did at school or at home, if it wasn't for cycling I think I'd be a bit of a lost sole now, and not driving myself in this new direction in my life.

I never had any aspirations of being a photographer when i was younger, I'd just wanted to ride my bike,  never even occurred to me that one day I would be running my own small business. Here I am doing just that, I've always worked hard in the past, but I'll admit that over time I have struggled to keep the momentum going with a full time job. In the last 10 years, since I started photographing I've found photography very challenging, and rewarding, constantly learning and improving, I'm still very hungry to continue, this I've not felt in a very long time, probably since I stopped riding a bike at completion level. Maybe it's because photography is so diverse, and challenging that keeps me looking forward.

 As I said I never thought I'd end up doing photography business to earn a living. When I was still at School I did choose photography as a subject to study, well maybe the real reason was so that during photo assignments  conducted off the school premiss for a couple of hours may have been one of the deciding factors with my friends, with an alternative choice of languages or science. I liked science, but at that age I didn't grasp it's full potential, the best part of the photography was the piratical, going out and using the school cameras, Pentax K1000 35mm, black and white film camera with a 50mm F2 lens, with the 3 of us we had to share the camera to come up with pictures.

Amazingly enough instead of skiving off we actually went and photographed, we have great fun in the process, back in the classroom we would get to develop the film using a proper darkroom that was part of the classroom, albeit a converted cupboard or stock room, but big enough for a few students to process their work. Watching the pictures come alive on paper was fascinating for me producing and image from what was effectively a box of mirrors. One of the big problems I had was coping with the theory side, big text books with pages, no miles of text explaining the science and maths of creating a photograph, add to the long slide shows of photographers work with famous painters explaining how the dealt with light, my attention span struggled resulting in poor performance in  theory essays resulting in falling behind, then being dropped from the course.

No internet for online content such as YouTube of forums to follow. I wanted more of the practical rather listening to a boring teacher who had as much life and enthusiasm as a smelly wet sock! Thus ended my photographic education after 7 months.

Unfortunately the decision was my parents and the teacher not mine, schooling was a little different back in the 70s.

In my short time studding photography I did learn something.

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