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The last time I anywhere near Leyton was the late 80's and early 90's where there was a cycling circuit called Eastways, now known as the Lee Valley VeloPark. Further up the road to Leyton was my destination at Jubilee Park for the next round of the London X League.


This was the first time the League had visited the park, the event was the turn of the London Phoenix cycling club who set out the course on the Saturday.

Early Sunday Morning a hard misty frost from a cloudless night gave early problems for those helping with the finishing touches to the course. One helper said the ground was so hard that to finish putting out the course marker pegs they had to use a drill to break the surface of the frozen mud.

Youth races were off at 10am the early morning mist hanging in the air was slowly burning off with the morning sun.


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The Vets race quickly started, with the warm winter sun burning across the park the icy hard ground was giving way making for some slippy corners as some rider found out as their front wheels slipped away forcing them to have a closer inspection of the dirt than they wanted.

Andy Taylor came through the finish line ahead of Stephen Gibson for the 40 plus vets race, while Jez Parsons road in to win the 50 plus vets race soon after.

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For the women's race Emily Ashwood made it 2 wind in 2 weeks with her 2nd win.

Senior & junior race the last of the day. This race was going to be a good battle to the line with Alec Briggs and Jonathan Dennis. The guy's didn't disappoint batting for position and most corners with the lead swapping over and over again. It was down to the final sprint that gave Alec Briggs the advantage of Jonathan for the win.

Seniors & Juniors

There was a little kick up from the tarmac foot path just after the finish area where riders with a little speed and momentum could take some air getting their wheel free from the mud for a few seconds. Showboating time!

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Normally I like to runaround looking for different areas to create images trying not to repeat the previous weeks style. I decided to stick to one location where the riders would be having a little fun encouraged by the gathering crowd. Each time a rider took some air a big cheer went up adding the the atmosphere.

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