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Christmas is done for another year. The kids are happy with there new toys or gifts. Some of you are wanting to get out and try the new items you've received from family members from your Christmas list. Group rides and training schedules get back on track after all the calories consumed.

New Years eve, invites to parties, and gatherings to see in the new year. With thoughts of do we go, but I can't drink to much as it is the New Years Day 10.  Taken seriously of for fun.

Well seriously would mean an earlyish night, maybe head down by 12:30  in the hope to better last years time or continue the record wins. 

Or the not so serious, fun approach. Party like an animal, embarrass the kids at the New Years party as it is the only time of year that you may be all out together.


Winter Weather, had something to say.

For the last few years New Years Day in Kent has been kind from frosty mornings followed by brilliant bright sunshine to dull fry days, but it is inevitable that the wet day arrives.

Southborough & District Wheelers New Years Day 10 at Bethersden Kent.

90 riders on the start sheet, but the damp drizzle may have put a few riders off, but not the serous guys.

Last years winner Chris McNamara, last man off didn't disappoint defying the wet weather with a 21.36  with his brother posting the 2nd fastest time of 22.40.

When I arrived at a location with easy parking the morning was very still, little rain or wind.

The weather report did suggest the rain would start after 12 noon.  Great I could leave the umbrella in the car! No, ten to ten, and probably as the riders were heading for the start the rain started. Quick sprint to the car get the fishing umbrella, re setup. 

After the Trikes when pasted I noticed the wind had picked up giving the riders a tail wind out to the turn. The way I had setup I was pointing into the rain.

I'm all for a bit of creative effects as long as the main part of the subject in a picture is reasonable clear, or it is obviously easy to see the main subject. For me rain splats or water droplets don't do it for me, so a change of position which meant being in a similar area as last year. 



Photographing a time trial, what do I look for?

Photographing a time trial, what do I look for?

Depending on the type of photographer, if your just taking pictures quickly, maybe of the who event or just family/club members it doesn't really matter, just find somewhere to park that is not in the way of the riders and snap away, have fun.

What I look for is a place free of sign posts or road furnitur, not easy these days. Possible good view in the background, landscape rolling hills on a sunny bright day gives a picture some depth.

If a dull white cloud covered day  I might go for a tree lined part of the course to reduce the white sky. 

Find a location where I have the option to do side shots as well as head on portraits.

My preferred style is side on shots emphasize the motion of the rider by motion blurring the background, but keeping the riders face sharp.

This is also a preferred style to the riders as they get a chance to see their position on the bike, for the serious riders.


Side shots require panning to get that background blur and a slower shutter speed.

Panning is the key when dealing with slower shutter speeds. Pan too fast too much blur.

Too slow the opposite happens.

I prefer to take one shot as each rider passes, I normally get good results this way. Sometimes it doesn't work  and the riders face is too blurred or the camera changes focus, or the rider changes position, or the shot is just not good enough to keep.

Getting down low is important thing I do as I normally can see the rider face unless they are looking at their feet.  It also empowers the rider  helps emphasize the effort they are putting in.

Big Umbrella, looks a bit silly, but is a big help in the rain  provided you keep the rain fall behind you, that is when the wind blows it at an angle.

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