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Digi Daves Cycling Sport Photography.

This page is all about cycling sport, packed with galleries of cycling events that I have photographed.

From cycling, mountain bike events, to charity rides.

I am in my element trying to capture the moment. Cycling photographers were never around when i was racing, there was the odd photographer attending some local time trial events, but not very often.

My style is always evolving, capturing the essence of the racing from head on, or portrait rider shots, to my favorite side on panning shots that show the speed, and cornering. I also like capturing those great  landscapes with those rare blue skies. 

Photographs can be found here, predominantly from events in Kent, and Surrey, but when the need arises I do travel.

Although I'm unable to compete in cycling races anymore my passion for the sport is still as strong as ever, sometimes I feel the riders pain when framing up a shot,, showing the determination, the commitment, the concentration, as well as the racing face.

Then there is the majestic beauty as riders cut through the landscape, reminding me how lucky we are to be doing what we do. 

As a rider it is easy to miss whats around you when when caught up in the moment.

 I hope some of that comes through in my work , helping to remember the race.  

The Wally Gimber Road Road 2017

SERRL Mens RR Benenden Kent 12/03/2017

SERRL Women's Road Race Benenden Kent 12/03/2017

My cycling club or organisation is promoting an event, how do I book you, and how much do you charge?

For covering a Time Trial Event, in Kent, be it a 10 or 25 mile time trial £60 with a Hi Res Image of the winner with the fastest time.

For covering a road race E/1/2/3 open event £100 with a selection of low res images, and a Hi Res image of the winner.

For covering Circuit races with a schedule of 3 races, 4th cat race 3rd cat race E/1/2 race £80 with a selection of low Res images, and Hi Res images of the winners.

For covering a Sportive £150 with a selection of low res images for social media publicity. 

For covering a Hill Climb TT  £100 with a selection of low res images for social media publicity with Hi Res image of the winner, podium shots also included. 

For an event over 6 hours upto 12 hours coverage £250

Email is the best way to contact;

Southern Sportive Gravel Cross 05/03/2017

SanFairyAnn Cyclo Park racing 04/03/2017

Doltcini Classic Road Race 26/02/2017

Thunder Cross Canada Heights Swanley 25/02/2017

Single Speed European Champs Brighton 19/02/2017

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Cycling images you can buy, instant downloads, or brilliant high quality prints from Loxley Labs

How do I buy am image?

Images can be bought direct from the galleries via a secure pay portal.

To buy images, find the one you want, view it in its large viewable size, you will find a Buy button towards the bottom, choose buy this photo, then you can choose a product. Paper prints or Digital downloads are the most popular products. There are many different products to choose from, you don't have to limit yourself to a small print, there are some great wall art products on offer. 

Digital Downloads of Hi Res images to Low res images are emailed instantly on completion of payment, please check you junk mail if you think the download email has not been sent. Download images are from £2.50 for personal licence usage. Remember to check your Junk mail just incase if you have not received a message within 15 minutes .

Remember to check your junk mail or spam folder, sometimes smugmug messages end up there.

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