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I have worked alongside Dave for many years now. I have used him for several projects including photography for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, Royal British Legion, PMR@ToachimHouse, Myeloma UK, Cure Leukaemia and many other photo shoots. He is outstanding with the images he produces and just gets what you after. He listens to what you are asking for and always delivers over and above. He attention to detail is amazing and isn't shy about suggesting ways to make your images work with what you're trying to produce. A true professional and one that I hope to continue working with for may years to come.

Paul Morton Director of PMR Events

I’ve worked with Dave for the last three London to Paris Bloodwise events and he has been nothing less than exceptional. Due to his amazing enthusiasm, dedication and creativity Dave has produced an amazing range of photos – this makes it really hard to choose our favourite – there are too many to pick from!

Becky Clark | Sports Events Coordinator BloodWise

I have worked with Dave Hayward on many events over the last few years, and have never been anything but amazed by his work. His skills of capturing emotion is second to none, and some of his shots of scenery are some of the best I have seen. Digi makes the person in front of the lens feel comfortable at all times, and coming from someone who doesn’t like their picture being taken- Digi excels. He is professional and clearly loves his job, always striving for the best possible image he can produce.

Sarah Gray Osteopath M.Ost, FSc, Dip(MA)

Your photo work is Absolutely brilliant!!! I know how tough it is at the moment, but never give up! Persistence is all! You will eventually make a good living out of this. In my time I’ve had lots of photographs done, but by far, these are the best ever!! Great work Dave!!!!!!!!!


I've had head shot pictures with dave. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I have been twice now over the past 5 years and both of them I have been very pleased with.

Carly Read

“Dave, Some amazing images you have taken, they are the best quality I have seen since racing Mountain bikes a few years ago, they capture so many emotions that tell the story.”

Rory Hitchens upgrade bikes

Dave is a sensational photographer for virtually any occasion. Sport is his bag but with that background he can capture any event anytime in any conditions. If in doubt just check out his fabulous compositions.

Paul Tuohy Cycling UK

I've known Dave for years - he's a passionate and gifted photographer. He somehow has the knack of taking just the right shot at just the right moment. I'd highly recommend Dave if you need him for any sort of photography work - whether a wedding or sports photography. I love his work. And such a lovely person to work with too because he is happy, friendly and easy going.

Sherry Beaven

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