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Hi There, I'm sure you curious to know a little more about me, you've probably seen some of the work I'm doing.

I'm a married young man of 50, "yeh" but I don't feel it. Born in Wales grew up in South East London, now living in Kent with my wife. In my younger years did a bit of competitive cycling for about 20 years which was one of the best thing I ever did after leaving school. 

As you may have guessed or seen I do photograph a lot of cycling events, as it's a sport I know very well, it seemed a good place to renew my photography passion.

Photography was never a career plan, A fascination with computers got  me into an I.T career. 

I never had any aspirations of being a photographer when I was younger, I'd just wanted to ride my bike and travel,  never even occurred to me that one day I would be a photographer. 

In the last 10 years, since I started photographing I've found it very challenging, and rewarding constantly learning and improving, I'm still very hungry to continue, this I've not felt in a very long time, probably since I stopped riding a bike at completion level.

In my short Photography career, I have travelled all over Europe, Italy, France, and Spain all over the UK and Scotland, thanks largely working with some as well as working with some great photojournalist.  

My Work gets published in magazines and newspapers, even a book now. I pride myself on creating and delivering bright meaningful high-quality images, I've  been accused of being too fussy sometimes, but we are our own critics.

The Camera kit I use in Nikon, I've stayed with Nikon because I'm familiar with it, nearly all camera systems do the same the difference I believe is the operator's interpretation that makes a difference.

Photographing  charity events working closely with them to achieve what they need when they are involved with cycling.

I also do  Weddings, and  Portraits sessions corporate or social they all have their unique charms and skills.

If you like what you see, you can email me, happy to help, whether it's camera skills or you would like to book my services   It's important to get the right photographer.

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