PivotTwentyFour/12 2018

What a weekend, will try and not mention the abrupt ending of the 24 hour and Torch Bearer events thanks to some inconsiderate trees making the single track too dangerous.

There are some Awesome photos of you in action from places on Cottage Return and up in the woods at the far side of the venue at the top of the Mach Climb.  I do apologies for making you troll through lots of photos, but I wanted to get them posted as soon as possible for you to enjoy and remember your time. Creating the race number search adds anther 4 to 6 hours  of editing time. So the best option is using smaller gallery collection for each area I visited.

If you can't find an image, then sadly I have missed you during my transitions around the venue.

Buying from the galleries is very safe,  secure, and quick. There is a Paypal option too.

My sincere thanks to you if you do buy and image, much appreciated. 

Digi Dave Hayward


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