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Lets Start off with a subject that has been part of my life since I was a young lad. I can't remember, or know why I started cycling, but it has been a part of my life giving me confidence, as well as learning about physical demands. When I packed up cycling competition, I found myself sitting at home doing what I considered normal things in a normal life, it didn't work for me.

From a school time interest I turned to photography where I returned to the cycling racing scene, to see what I could do. Probably at that point my life changed, or was going to over the next couple of years.

Now I'm a full time photographer, capturing my way through life doing something that I never considered was possible when I left school.

Most of the weekends I'm photographing cycling road races to early morning cycling time trials, to winter cyclo cross events, such as the London, and Sussex cyclocross leagues. 

In recent years cycling clubs have started commissioning me to photograph their events, which in turn gives them great pictures to advertise and encourage cyclists to ride their events.

With commissions from event organisers they get the cream of my photo work for their websites and social media, which is proving to be a good advertising avenue for future events.  


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5 or 6 years ago an old cycling friend came up to me while I was photographing a local cycling road race. "Do you do weddings?" came the question, as he grabbed my hand to shake it.

"Well not really" was my reply as that point I'm never considered photographing a wedding, and a bike race was the last place to talk weddings. 

"Well if you can create great action photos you photograph  my wedding, you should find it a lot easier ?"

That was my introduction into the world of wedding photography. I have to say being given an opportunity to photograph a couples most important day, was going to be a great moment, but very nervous  one. 

 I still get nervous when it comes to weddings, but to me that's a good sign.

When I get booked to photograph a wedding I feel very privileged to be asked. I always try and find format that fits in with couples budgets, talk to then to find out their thoughts on how they would like to be photographed, help them overcome the fear of the camera.

My style for weddings is based on reportage, with a touch of formal added, and lots of candid added for good measure.

You can refer to my wedding page for more examples of my work.


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Here is a couple of examples of some portrait work that I have done for clients from there own homes. 

One of my favorite family portraits, I did a couple of years ago o the run up to Christmas, there was member who was getting very upset, and was desperately trying to get in on the fun.

Eventually the the family pet dog named Pepsi managed to gate crash and bomb the photo session with great results.

Portraits & lifestyle

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Product photography, is something that is growing in my skill set. Having worked on a few product photography projects recently I've been able to expand my photography skill set even further.   

With the demand for home shopping good quality images is becoming very important to show off a product, making it stand out from the crowed.

I'm continually developing my product photography meeting the needs of online suppliers.

With so many people turning to the internet to look for products, hunting for the right deal. 

Product Photography: 

Products work

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As we know the internet is now one of the first places businesses use to advertise themselves. Sell their products, tell the world what they do.

One of the Veterinary surgeries that I photograph for realises the power of the internet  using my work to show what a fantastic job they do in looking after family pets.

Being invited to photograph corporate parties, and gatherings is a great way to show off to potential clients, or new businesses that they are not just about number crunching, and long meetings, that there is life outside the office.

Quality images on the internet is becoming a powerful advertising tool, as a photographer I've found it is just as important to understand those needs to create fitting images.

Corporate & Commercial

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My passion for cycling I'm now being commissioned to photograph all sorts of Corporate, and charity cycling events. Some events take me all over the UK and France.

Since the success of cycling on the world stage, from the Olympics to the Tour De France has prompted a demand for people wanting  to challenge themselves, and what better way to do something for a Charity organisation. 

Cycling from London to Paris is one of the most popular charity events next to local sportives.

I've been privileged to have been part of some of these events, with the Royal British Legion, British Heart Foundation, to Leukemia, and Myeloma  charities.

With my knowledge of cycling I can capture the wonderful moments, with the pure determination, the joy, and fun that riders experience. Photographing their stories for a brief moment. Some of the riders are survivors of their causes they are supporting,  giving back  and raising money. The work I produce helps keep the momentum going providing publicity material for future events.

Charity & Corporate Bike Events

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