Hell of the Ashdown Forest

Remember if your Rider number is clearly visible on the front of your bike on the handle bars then it will be searchable in the photo database.

Also no number no photo, as the number on your bike helps recognize you as part of the event and not on a Sunday club ride.

If the rider number is placed around the bikes headtube under the handlebars the number may not be recognisable.

Placing the rider number under the saddle out of the way is not a good idea if you want to see your photo, and don't want to view through hundreds of photos to find yours.

Any number thats unrecognisable the rider image will be marked with a generic 0001 number. Photos will not be searchable using text, Rider Numbers only.

To find your photo quickly type in your rider number into the SEARCH BOX. images will be displayed below. use one set of numbers at time. Note: Once you have found your photos and would like to return to the main gallery please use your internet browser's back buttons/arrows.


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